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As LingoProf we provide document translation services in a wide range of fields. In all of our translations, we are very diligent in the minute details and ensure that you get the most authentic and accurate translation possible, which is particularly critical when translating various types of official documents. A professional translation is the conversion of text from one language (the source language) to another (the target language), while discerning the author’s intent and matching his writing style, so that people fluent in the target language but not the source language receive an accurate translation of the text.

We translate both official and private documents from any source language into nearly any target language. Our international network of experts is comprised of translators with relevant sector-specific expertise, such as legal, medical, scientific, technical, economic and other specializations.

Many people are multilingual, but few can engender a translation that is both precise and fluent. The language that we utilize in everyday conversation does not contain the licit jargon in constant use by lawyers and jurists, or the terminology that medicos use in their work. What’s more, indited medical, scientific and technical materials have distinct ways of wording things. A text translated inaccurately by someone who lacks cognizance or experience in the germane field could lead to inopportune or erroneous utilization of a product, provide bamboozling information or even result in more solemn ramifications. A good translation must, ergo, be true to the pristine, be meticulously precise and read as if it were indited in the target language.

At LingoProf, we employ professional translators, editors and proofreaders who are not only experts in the languages they work in and keep abreast of linguistic developments, but are also familiar with the cultural differences reflected in the source and target languages. They maintain the spirit of the original and the clarity of its message, while using the most up-to-date and appropriate concepts and terminology. All are natives of the target countries and translate solely into their mother tongues. We are committed to excellence, and all of our translations undergo a process of quality assurance before being delivered to the client.

In short, we are uncompromising when it comes to excellence, in order to deserve your confidence and your business.

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